Meet our resident vet!

Meet our resident vet! | Lovebug Pet Foods

Lovebug has a new resident vet! That doesn't mean a vet who lives with all our cats (that's too much for one human). It's what we call our top veterinary expert who'll be spreading the word about insect-based cat food.

Introducing Rory Cowlam - better known as Rory the Vet. You might have seen him on TV programmes like ITV's Lorraine and BBC's Blue Peter, or in his role as an ambassador for charities such as the RSPCA and Street Vet. And, of course, he's also a full-time veterinary surgeon, caring for animals at a practice in London.

Like all clued-up cat people, Rory knows that bugs are the future of pet food. Here's what he has to say about it:

 Rory the vet with Lovebug and cats

"I am so proud to be Lovebug’s resident vet, teaming up with them to spread the word about all things Lovebug. Insect-based protein is a fantastic innovation for the future of pet food, it is nutritionally great for cats and also makes a real difference to the environment, lowering your furry friends environmental pawprint. And the bonus is, cats love the taste – my sister’s cat Agatha is a Lovebug convert! I can’t wait to share more Lovebug news with you and help explain why making the switch to feeding your cat Lovebug is such a great decision to make"

There you have it: one of Britain's favourite vets is on board the Lovebug love train.

Keep an eye on @rorythevet and @lovebugpetfood on Insta for the latest news and planet-friendly petcare advice! And if you've got any questions - our inbox is always ready and waiting for cat chat. Drop a line to