Why bugs are the future of cat food

Why bugs are the future of cat food | Lovebug Pet Foods

It’s all in the name: Lovebug!

Bugs really are lovely. They’re what makes Lovebug cat food a little bit different from other cat foods – but just as good for your cat, while being good for the planet. 

Here’s why they’re all set to be the future of cat food.

1. Cats find bugs delicious

Ever seen your cat chase an insect? Your furry friend isn’t the only one – cats naturally eat bugs as part of their diet. 

The Lovebug cat food recipe has been tried and tested and modified to perfection with the help of a whole crew of cats (and their owners). The kibble looks like any other kibble – and the first cat customers haven’t been able to keep their paws off it.

2. They’re super nutritious for cats 

Insect protein is a great source of amino acids and macronutrients.

The black soldier fly larvae used in Lovebug cat food are packed full of protein, essential fatty acids, fibre, amino acids and minerals, as well as being easy for cats to digest. Lovebug cat food is a nutritionally complete and balanced dry cat food, developed by experts at Mars Petcare to make sure it contains the right levels of all the nutrients cats need, such as taurine and arachidonic acid. 

3. They make protein that’s planet-friendly

Lovebug cat food can make a real difference to the environment, compared to traditional petfood. The secret? Insects.

When it comes to producing protein, bugs are super efficient: per kilo of protein, black soldier fly larvae take up 80% less land than beef. Plus, the insects that go into Lovebug help tackle food waste by feeding only on surplus fruit and veggies that would otherwise be thrown away. In other words, they are nature’s cleverest upcyclers.

So there you have it: the future of cat food is bright – and bug-powered.

It goes without saying that the Lovebug cat food team love to chat about bugs, so please send in your questions about all things insects to hello@lovebugpetfood.com.