The Power of Lovebug™ Cat Food

Welcome to the cat food that helps you love your cat, and your the same time. Whether that's something you've never thought about, or something you've been waiting years for - here's how it all works.

It’s Nutritionally Complete

Every mouthful of kibble is nutritionally complete and balanced, and developed by pet nutritionists. Adult cats can happily live off Lovebug™ cat food.

Made With Insect Protein ​

Yep, insects! A great source of amino acids and micronutrients. Bursting with taste and all the enriched taurine a cat needs.

Uses Less Land Than Beef

The thing about bugs is that they don’t take up much space. Farming them uses 80% less land than beef.

Great For Cats!

This scrumptious kibble is textured to strengthen your cat’s teeth and designed to be gentle on their digestion. ​

Fights Food Waste

These lucky bugs are fed on a diet of surplus plants and veggies. Which means Lovebug™ cat food fights food waste before even reaching your cat’s bowl! 

Contains No Nasties

No added dairy, no artificial colours, no nonsense. It's got everything a cat needs!

All in Recyclable Packaging!​

And all of that goodness comes in 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging.