What is Sustainable Pet Food?

What is Sustainable Pet Food? | Lovebug Pet Foods

Here at Lovebug we make cat food that’s good for both cats and the planet. But what exactly is sustainable pet food, and how do you know which cat food is best? 

We’re here to explain more about sustainable cat food, and why Lovebug is kinder to the planet!

How to know which cat food to choose?

When choosing the right food for your cat, there are many things to consider. Making sure all their nutritional needs are met is right at the top of the list - and because our cats can be incredibly fussy little food critics, finding a food that they’re happy to eat is another main requirement! 

Many of us may not have given much thought to the environmental impact of our pet food choices, given all the other considerations, but we’re on a mission to change this. It is possible to choose a cat food that meets all of your cat’s specific requirements without the negative impact on our planet! 

What does sustainable pet food really mean?

Sustainable pet food can seem like a broad term, and sustainability can encompass many different factors. Something sustainable should make considered, conscious use of resources in a way that’s manageable and does not cause unnecessary harm to people or the planet. 

Why is sustainable pet food so important for cats?

We know that cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need meat to survive. The farming of animals for meat is hugely environmentally destructive, and is responsible for deforestation and carbon dioxide release (among other negative impacts). All of this makes meat an unsustainable option, but our cats need it to survive - so that’s where bugs (and Lovebug) come in. 

Insects are just another type of meat, albeit a little smaller. They can perfectly meet the protein requirements of cats, and farming bugs requires 80% less land than farming beef! We believe bugs are the future of cat food.

So which cat food is best?

As all cat parents know, the best cat food is the one your cat is happy to actually eat - but here at Lovebug we believe that the food’s environmental impact is just as important. We worked together with pet nutritionists to develop Lovebug, ensuring that it’s great for cats and just as good for the planet.