Wet vs dry cat food - which should you feed your cat?

Wet vs dry cat food - which should you feed your cat? | Lovebug Pet Foods

New pet parents will often wonder which food is best for their feline friend: wet, dry or a mixture of the two. Ultimately, they’re both excellent choices but it totally depends on the life stage and body condition of your cat. There are a lot of things to consider!

You'll want to think about the age of your cat - kittens and older cats often require a slightly more complex diet. It’s also important to consider any dietary sensitivities that may be eased by certain food types. The lifestyle of your cat may also change the nutritional requirements you’re looking for - outdoor and indoor cats may require a slightly different diet. This depends on how active their lifestyle is - indoor cats may need a lower calorie diet compared to a cat that enjoys playing outdoors.

Just like you, we want to make sure you feed your cat the exact right food type for their health and lifestyle. Read the following guide to find out which route to take.

What are the benefits of dry cat food?

You may be wondering if cats can just eat dry food? The answer is yes! Lots of cat owners opt for this type of food because it’s extremely convenient and easy to dish up. We’re obviously huge fans of dry kibble because we know how much cats love our insect-based cat food. Here are a few more reasons why you might choose dry food for your companion. 

1. Great for teeth 

Crunchy kibble is great for keeping your cat’s teeth clean and healthy because of the hard texture. But remember, make sure to check the kibble’s ingredients because lots of nasties can affect their dental health. When we created Lovebug, we made sure to make a healthy alternative to other dry cat foods. 

2. Sensitive on stomachs

It’s pretty common for cats to have sensitive stomachs or allergies of some sort. So it’s important to choose a brand of cat food that uses high-quality ingredients. Wholesome, natural ingredients are less likely to irritate your cat’s stomach. Our insect-based cat food is nutritionally complete and developed by pet nutritionists so you know your cat is getting everything they need in each meal. 

The majority of dietary allergies in cats are caused by beef, dairy and fish intolerances. Because it’s made from insect protein, Lovebug is hypoallergenic which considerably reduces the risk of intolerance being triggered in cats with sensitivities.

3. Can be left out without spoiling

All cats have different eating habits and routines. Some love consistent meal times throughout the day - this allows you to take charge of portion control. Other cats have a different relationship with their food, choosing to graze as and when they feel hungry. If your cat is more of a grazer, it’s quite likely that you end up wasting wet cat food - it spoils if it’s left too long out in the open. Therefore you’re better off selecting dry biscuits - they’ll last for longer, saving money and food.

4. Longer shelf life

Dry cat biscuits also have a longer shelf life compared to wet food - so they can be purchased in bulk and you don't need to worry about it spoiling once opened. To make sure even less food is wasted, give our cat food calculator a try. It’ll let you know exactly how much dry kibble your cat will need to thrive, so you don’t have to buy it in excess. Once you have identified the correct amount, you can ensure consistent delivery by using our subscription cat food service. 

Do cats need to eat wet food?

In short, not necessarily. However, there are a few reasons why pet owners choose to feed their cat on a diet of solely wet food or mix it in with cat biscuits. Wet cat food has a high moisture content, which helps keep your kitty hydrated. So it can be beneficial to mix a little in with your cat’s biscuits to help increase their daily water content. Lovebug cat food is a complete meal. However, you need to make sure there’s lots of water readily available to allow them to keep hydrated. 

As pawrents already know, cats are inquisitive creatures and tend to get bored of things quite quickly. Offering them a mixture of wet and dry food can keep them interested and excited about their food - especially if you’re the owner of a particularly fussy cat

We hope that you’ll find it easier to make your decision on what to feed your cat now you’re all clued up on the benefits of wet and dry diets! Of course, if you have any questions about feeding or cat tips in general, drop us a message on Instagram. We’re always happy to help.