Five reasons to switch to a cat food subscription service

Five reasons to switch to a cat food subscription service | Lovebug Pet Foods

If you’re like us, then you’ll do anything it takes to keep your furry friend happy and healthy! We’re constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to make being a pet owner even easier. That’s why we’ve created a cat food subscription service. 

Signing up for our monthly cat food subscription is a great way to get regular top-ups of sustainable, insect-based cat food without any hassle. Getting started is really easy - but if you need a little more convincing, then keep on reading…

An easy way to shop cat food for sensitive stomachs

We like to make things easy and save you time - that way, you’ve got more time to spend with your furry friend. Once you've ordered your cat food online, you can sit back, relax and wait for the delivery. One more thing ticked off your weekly shopping list! All you need to do is sign up, choose your plan and we’ll do the rest. 

Lovebug is great for cats with sensitive stomachs too. If you’re always on the hunt for cat food for fussy cats - Lovebug is the perfect recipe. Finding the right hypoallergenic cat food can be tricky. We formulated our cat kibble with this in mind to make sure it’s easy on stomachs and easy to digest, all while providing all the nutrition they need to thrive.

Cat food delivered whenever you need it

Perhaps this is the most obvious perk - but it’s certainly an important one. Starting a Lovebug cat food subscription will ensure that you never run out of their favourite food. 

Keeping your cat’s food intake consistent is so important - especially if they have sensitive stomachs. Switching between different foods can cause upset tummies, as well as confusion. Imagine eating the same food day in, day out and then suddenly trying something new. Your tummy probably wouldn't appreciate it either! So it’s always best to find one type of kibble that they love and stick to it.

If you’re trying to find the right cat food for your pet, make sure you always introduce it carefully into their diet. For more guidance on how to switch your cat’s food correctly, take a look at our guide.

Serve the right portion with our cat food calculator

We're all about reducing waste wherever we can. Using our cat food calculator is a great way to do so because it allows you to figure out exactly how much kibble your cat needs each month, which in turn will save any waste! By providing us with a few details, we can figure out the right plan to get started.

Following the advice provided by our cat food calculator will help you to reduce waste. And we’re all about reducing food waste. Our insects are fed on a diet of surplus fruit and vegetables to make sure we’re making planet-friendly choices at every step.

Save your pennies

As soon as you start subscribing, you’ll start saving on each bag. In fact, you can enjoy 5% off and receive free shipping on all UK orders. Subscribing also saves you time. You no longer have to worry about stocking up and lugging cat food bags home from the shop. 

Our discounts on bundles are applied on subscription orders too! We like to reward our customers and help you save your pennies whilst doing good for the planet. Shopping with Lovebug means that everything’s sorted and on its way in just a few clicks. 

Sustainable cat food for planet-friendly pet parents 

We all want to make decisions that positively impact the planet which is why we created our insect-based cat food. Switching up your cat’s diet is a great place to start if you’re looking to integrate some eco-friendly habits into your lifestyle. From fighting food waste to using sustainable resources, our cat food does it all. 

Read more about why our cat food is a more sustainable choice! 

Start your cat food subscription

We always want our paw-parents to be happy and satisfied, which is why we give you absolutely everything you need to know before signing up. 

Discover our cat food switching guide and cat food calculator in the Lovebug shop. Explore exactly what you need and how to make sure your cat transitions seamlessly into their new, more sustainable diet.

Start your Lovebug journey today and get the planet purring!