Your guide to switching cat food

Your guide to switching cat food

For many pet parents, switching cat food can be a challenge. No one wants to buy a big bag of cat food that their furry friend won’t eat.

Most cats dive whiskers-first into their first bowl of Lovebug – but whether it’s love at first sniff or your cat is more cautious, the healthiest option is to switch slowly. The petcare experts behind Lovebug cat food have put together a handy guide that will take you step by step towards stress free mealtimes that are as tasty as they are planet-friendly. 

The secret? Gradually blending Lovebug in with your cat’s old food. It makes the new flavour more appealing to fussy cats, and, importantly, helps prevent an upset tummy that can happen any time a pet changes their diet.

Your bowl-by-bowl guide

Lovebug switching guide

  1. For the first two days, blend in 25% of the new kibble with 75% of your old cat food. 
  2. Increase the new kibble to 50% for the next two days…
  3. …then to 75% for another two days.
  4. Finally, on day 7, give your cat a bowl of 100% new kibble. They have successfully made the switch, and can now live off Lovebug cat food.

  • Lovebug - Harvey and Nelly

  • Cat dad Harvey and cat mum Dani have already followed Lovebug’s switching guidelines, and their picky pets are now happily munching on their new favourite food.

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