New to Lovebug’s insect-based cat food? Here’s the Lovebug 101

New to Lovebug’s insect-based cat food? Here’s the Lovebug 101 | Lovebug Pet Foods

We created Lovebug for the love of cats and the planet - cat food that’s great for cats and kinder to the planet at the same time. You might already be familiar with insect-based cat food, and maybe your cats are little Lovebug fans, but if you’re new to the world of Lovebug and want to find out what insect-based cat food is all about, we’ve put together an introductory guide! 

Whether you’re brand new to Lovebug or you’ve been thinking about making the switch for a while, let’s find out more about our insect-based cat food so you can see what makes Lovebug such a great choice for cats and their humans…

Complete and balanced nutrition

Lovebug provides complete and balanced nutrition for your cat, and is suitable for cats from 1 year of age. It’s been developed by pet nutritionists, and adult cats can happily live off Lovebug - it’s got all the goodness they need!

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they need a high protein diet to survive. Insects are a great source of protein, and they’re packed with nutrients. In fact, they have a similar nutritional value to more traditional sources of protein, like beef and chicken. Lovebug is made from black solder fly larvae, which have the perfect balance of fatty acids, amino acids, fibre, and minerals. 

Our expert pet nutritionists developed Lovebug to be easily digestible, and made sure essential extras - like taurine - were included, which are vital to a cat’s health. 


As Lovebug’s protein comes from insect sources, it doesn’t contain common allergens like beef, fish, or dairy. This makes it great for cats with allergies to other protein sources, or with sensitive tums. 

There are even more benefits too. Lovebug’s insects are grown without any of the nasties often used in livestock farming, like growth hormones or antibiotics - so you know exactly what’s in every bag of Lovebug kibble.

Kinder to the planet

Insects are not only rich in protein, they’re also kinder to the planet. They take up just 20% of the land used by beef farming. Plus, the bugs used in Lovebug come from a farm that’s powered by 100% renewable electricity. 

Lovebug’s bugs are farmed ethically and with animal welfare in mind, so they live comfy lives. And the insects help to fight food waste, too. Lovebug bugs are fed on a tasty diet of surplus fruit and vegetables from the local area, which would have otherwise gone to waste, making them a circular, sustainable protein source.

Plus, Lovebug comes in plastic-free packaging that’s 100% recyclable.

So you can see why we love bugs here at Lovebug! With so many benefits, both for our cats and for the planet, bugs really are the future of pet food - and we think your cats will be pretty happy about it too.

If you still have more questions, take a look at our Lovebug FAQs. And if you’re convinced, you can get your paws on a pack of Lovebug here