Why pet parents can (now) be planet-friendly

Why pet parents can (now) be planet-friendly | Lovebug Pet Foods

Pets have an impact on the planet. But does that mean we shouldn’t have pets? (Hint: No it doesn’t!) 

It’s true that pets have an environmental pawprint. The food they eat and the litter they use do have an impact on the planet. So recently, some have been asking: given the environmental emergencies we’re facing, should we even have pets at all? 

One important thing to consider is that there are huge, scientifically proven benefits of owning a pet:

Pets boost mood

Spending time with a pet has been found to improve mood and reduce stress. Scientists believe this is linked to the release of oxytocin – nicknamed the ‘love hormone’.

Pets help people make friends

Playful pooches and curious cats often end up introducing their humans to each other. They create a reason for people to say hello, or even get to know their neighbours.

Pets can improve relationships

Couples with a cat or dog are more likely to be in a happy relationship than those without – they interact more with each other, and are less stressed.

Pets are great for kids

Having a friendly animal around boosts children’s self-esteem, as well as their intellectual development. Basically, pets help kids to be happier and smarter! 

So pet parents and scientist agree: people really do need pets. So what about the planet? 

Sustainable pet care hasn’t been an option for pet parents – until more recently. Lovebug™ cat food was created to offer a new, more planet-friendly way to care for your pet. By using tasty bugs instead of traditional animal protein sources, it uses 80% less land per kilo of protein than beef. The insects help tackle food waste by feeding only on surplus veggies and plants, and they grow up on a farm powered by 100% renewable energy. Plus, the kibble is packaged in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging. 

The future of pet food is more sustainable – and the future has arrived. Now, being a pet parent and caring about the planet really can go paw in paw.