Top 5 Cat memes that we love

Top 5 Cat memes that we love | Lovebug Pet Foods

As you know, our feline friends can be the most amusing creatures with their playful nature and independent attitude. All cat lovers will understand how rewarding caring for these furry, affectionate companions can be.

With so much cat content at our disposal online, it can be pretty easy to get lost in an infinite scroll. Whether we're watching sneaky cats causing mischief or adorably cute kittens, there's always a new cat meme floating around at Lovebug HQ.

In this post, we've featured five of our favourite cat memes that never fail to make us laugh.

1. Great Cat Food - Our feline companions will always appreciate dinner time. This cat is quite literally jumping for joy, having eagerly waited for their Lovebug no doubt

Cat Meme 

2. Travelling with your Cat - We always want to travel with our favourite companions and it can be tough when we have to leave them behind. This meme sums up who we’d like to take on holiday this year!

Cat Memes

3. Sleeping Cats - Cats can't resist a snooze, especially if they're able to find a cosy spot in the sun. Or often, inconveniently, across your entire laptop keyboard. This feline can be seen enjoying the comforts of a warm sofa keeping their legs warm in the sunlight. Looking like many of us after a heavy lunch.

Cat Memes

4. Kittens playing - Cat owners will be familiar with the mischief little kittens can cause finding their way in the world. We can probably all agree that it makes us love them even more. If you've lived with a kitten, you'll know they love to keep you on your toes - whilst always making you smile.

Cat Memes

5. We love our cats - This adorable kitten is showing us how vulnerable we can be to their little faces and big eyes. They definitely hold a lot of power over us humans and we’re definitely ok with it.

Cat Memes

We love searching for adorable cat content to make us smile. And we love it, even more, when you send us funny photos of your cheeky companions! As such, make sure your camera never misses a moment with your cat. From the cute to the absurd, make sure you send us your pictures on Instagram (@lovebugpetfood). We'll make sure to share our favourites!