Switching Stories: Pumpkin

Switching Stories: Pumpkin | Lovebug Pet Foods

Thinking about switching cat foods? Pet pawrent Tilda has kindly shared her cat Pumpkin’s switching story with us! Read on to discover how Pumpkin switched to Lovebug’s nutritionally complete, insect-based cat food…

Our cat Pumpkin is a soppy little thing. She will never be too far away from where you are - whether she's pulling the wet clothes down that you're trying to hang up on the drying rack, joining in with work Zoom meetings, or being your bodyguard by standing outside the bathroom door while showering. She has the loudest purr I've ever heard on a cat and will purr completely unprompted - it's the loveliest thing.

When we first got Pumpkin, she unfortunately had giardia which affected her stools - so we spent a lot of time and money at the Vets trying various things; switching diets, trying medication, washing sheets. Thankfully, a few months later, she was cleared of giardia but her stools remained abnormal. We tried various different diets, cut out treats, and tried probiotics such as pro-kolin.

In an act of desperation, I shared a story on Pumpkin's Instagram (yes, we have a cat Instagram page), and an online friend suggested that she may have a food intolerance. A lot of the food she was having at the time contained chicken, so we decided to remove chicken completely from her diet. We found it really hard to find cat food that didn't contain traces of chicken or animal derivatives - and the prices for the food without seemed to be substantially higher than what we were spending on previous subscription cat food.

That's when we came across Lovebug. From the offset, we were really excited by the idea. Myself and my partner are both vegetarians for ethical and environmental reasons - so we felt the choice was a no-brainer once we saw Lovebug as a environmentally better option, while still remaining nutritionally complete for Pumpkin. We also made sure that the farmers who grow Lovebug bugs are doing it ethically. All the bugs are free from discomfort, hunger, thirst, pain and distress.

We had all our fingers, toes and paws crossed that Pumpkin would enjoy Lovebug and (spoiler alert) she loves it! She has been on a dry food diet since she was about 10 months old as she doesn't like wet food, so the transition has been fairly straight forward for us. We followed Lovebug’s directions for switching and she has now been on 100% Lovebug for 2 months - and we don't intend on looking back!

Thank you so much Tilda for sharing your (and Pumpkin’s!) story with us!

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