Meet the makers

Meet the makers

As you’ll know (it’s in the name, of course) Lovebug cat food has one extra special ingredient: bugs. But there’s a lot more to the recipe than meets the eye.  

Dane Percy is one of the team behind Lovebug cat food’s innovative recipe, as well as many other pet foods that your pet may already know and love. As far as cats are concerned, he’s a much loved superstar chef. Here’s the lowdown from Dane on how the recipe came about, and some clues about why cats find it so tasty. 

What makes Lovebug cat food different from other cat foods?  

We don’t use any other animal ingredients in Lovebug, only black soldier fly larvae – which is obviously great for pet parents who don’t want to buy pet food that contains traditional animal protein sources.

  • It’s unique in that it has no traditional animal ingredients at all, including in the coating on the kibbles.

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