Keeping cats cool in hot weather

Keeping cats cool in hot weather | Lovebug Pet Foods

With temperatures hotting up and the chance of even warmer weather on the horizon, we’re looking at ways to help keep our cats cool and comfortable.

Cats can be affected by heat stroke, just like humans. While cats do have sweat glands, most of them are covered by their fur, which means they’re not particularly effective. This combination of thick coat and limited sweating means cats have to find other ways to cool themselves down - and there are steps we can take to give them a helping paw, as well. 

Stay hydrated - and try adding ice!

Keep your cat’s water bowl topped up, and try popping an ice cube or two in there as well. It can make for a fun - and hydrating - game. If your cat is a fancy feline who prefers drinking from a running tap, consider investing in a kitty fountain - it’s more efficient, wasting less water, and it will encourage them to drink more. 

Build a cool cat cave

Cats love cardboard boxes, and this feline favourite can come in really handy on a hot day! Try using a cardboard box as a shady cat cave, giving your cat somewhere to escape from the sun. Pop a few water bottles in the freezer and wrap them in towels to give your cat something cool to snooze next to inside their new summer hangout spot.

Take it easy

We all like to slow things down a little on a hot day, and the same applies to our cats. If your cat is particularly active, try switching their play times to the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler, and save the hottest part of the day for chilling out. And if your cat usually goes outside, keeping them indoors on particularly hot days can be one of the best ways to help them stay cool. 

Keep is breezy

If your cat is an indoor cat, window screens can be a great and worthwhile investment. You can get all the benefits of the breeze through an open window, while still keeping your cats safe. Alternatively, a strategically placed fan while you’re at home can give your cat a nice opportunity to cool off. 

Know the signs of overheating

There are some tell-tale signs to watch out for if you think your cat might be suffering from overheating, including:

  • Drooling from the mouth or nose
  • Seeming agitated, restless or distressed
  • Walking unsteadily or wobbling as if they’re dizzy
  • Seizures or muscle tremors
  • A very red tongue
  • Going to the toilet less or more than usual

If your cat is showing signs of overheating, get in touch with their vet right away.

All cats are different, and some might tolerate the heat more than others. You might notice your cats naturally favouring cooler spots in your home over the hotter months, like the bathtub or a cold tiled floor, and with the tips above, you’ll be able to keep them happy and comfortable throughout the summer months.