Hello | Lovebug Pet Foods

Lovebug cat food here. It’s great to meet you! 

Thank you so much for your interest in Lovebug cat food, it means a lot that you’ve come to visit.

If you’re here, it’s almost certainly because you love cats – and because you love the planet. So, you’re in the right place.

Lovebug is a nutritionally complete and balanced dry cat food for adult cats. The crunchy kibble helps keep feline teeth and gums healthy, and is easy to digest. Containing insect protein, a great source of amino acids and macronutrients.

And it's good for the planet, too. ‘How,’ you say? 

Glad you asked. Lovebug cat food is a breakthrough in cat food, because it contains no traditional animal proteins. Instead, it’s packed with protein-rich insects – which are a natural part of cats’ diets and full of nutrition. These bugs have unlocked a new, planet-friendly way to feed your cat: they take up 80% less land than beef per kilo of protein, and help reduce food waste by feeding only on surplus veggies and plants. Plus, the bugs that make Lovebug cat food come from a farm that’s powered by 100% renewable electricity.

And, to deliver a smaller environmental pawprint, Lovebug cat food arrives in fully recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

Lovebug cat food is good for the planet, while still being just as good for your cat. Petcare experts have made sure that it is nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cats, with a healthy mix of amino acids, good fats and micronutrients.

And Lovebug cat food already has a growing feline fan base, who have been found pawing at the bag for more. ‘Tasty’ might be an understatement.

Let your furry friend be the judge. Pop to the online shop to give your first bag of Lovebug cat food a try.