Easy switches you can make now to become an eco-friendly pet parent

Easy switches you can make now to become an eco-friendly pet parent | Lovebug Pet Foods

In a world where we are all making eco-friendlier choices, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are asking how to become an eco-friendlier pet parent. 

We’re a nation of pet lovers. Last year it was estimated that 1 in 4 people in the UK owned a pet. While we love them dearly, some of the choices we make to show them that love can have a negative impact on the environment. 

But eco-friendly pet lovers fear not, as there are actually some really simple choices you can make to help ensure your furry best friend can live their best life while still being planet friendly.

Whether it’s your pet’s food, their toys or their bedding, here are my top tips for becoming an eco-friendly pet parent...

Switch to an insect-based diet 

The latest human diet trend is ‘Climatarian’ eating more mindfully for the planet – but can we be more mindful of the plant when it comes to our pet’s diets? Of course! 

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need protein in their diet. Lovebug has developed an insect-based cat food which is high in protein and a great alternative to conventional meat products – plus cats love it! The secret lies in the use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae to provide all the protein your cat could need in a nutritionally complete kibble. Did you also know that farming bugs uses 80% less land than beef? Yes, that’s right; insect-based cat food like Lovebug is not only good for your cat but the planet too – that’s an eco-friendly bonus!

Rory the vet with bag of Lovebug

Make eco-friendly choices

When buying that new food bowl, think - does it need to be made of plastic? Or could you get the bamboo one? What about a new lead… don’t get a generic one from online, but one made in the UK from recycled materials. The day-to-day choices we make as a consumer, not just for us but also for our pets, make a real difference. Be an eco-warrior! 

Choose a sustainable cat litter 

An estimated 2 million tonnes of cat litter is thrown away every year in the UK. By switching to a natural more sustainable cat litter like Natusan, you can help reduce this by around 65%! By cutting out unnecessary waste you can reduce the amount of litter used which has knock on effects for packaging and the reduction of other consumable items. Opt for a tighter clumping litter which allows you to remove urine and other waste easily without having to change the entire tray each time - making weekly litter changes a thing of the past! Why not also look at using more natural litters rather than those with synthetic materials or even plastics? Natusan offers 100% natural cat litter with the absorptive power of up to 7 times its own weight and 40% better odour control than other natural litter.

Homemade toys

Rather than purchasing a plastic toy for your feline friend, why not make one yourself? You’d be surprised at how much you can entertain your cat with a loo roll tube or a bobble on a string! Handmade toys are brilliant fun and a great way to recycle otherwise unwanted household materials. This is one of my favourite things to get kids involved in too!

Rory with bowl on his head

Cut the plastic 

There’s a surprising amount of plastic that comes with being a pet parent – think non-recyclable food packaging, plastic bowls, even the packaging new toys come in. It’s a lot right? But a few small changes can make a big difference. Choose pet food in fully recyclable packs, bowls made from recyclable materials, and shop for toys that you know can be recycled when your cat has finished with them. There’s lots of great new solutions if you look for them.

Collars with bells

The wildlife buffet is out there. If you are a cat owner, chances are your little friend has brought you a present at one time or another. Cats can have an incredibly detrimental effect to local ecosystems so if you do have a little hunter in your midst, try and reduce the success of their hunts by popping a bell on their collar!


These are just SOME of the small changes you can make at home to become a more eco-friendly pet parent. 

The great thing is there are new innovations being discovered every year and amazing things are happening in the eco-friendly pet space. The UK has approximately 10.9 million pet cats and 9.9 million pet dogs and if everyone was to make a small change to their pet’s routine, the knock-on effect for the environment could be huge!