5 signs your cat loves you

5 signs your cat loves you | Lovebug Pet Foods

Our feline friends are very independent animals and to the untrained eye, you might not notice their subtle Feline love language. These intelligent pets are communicating with you more than you know, whether it's the subtle staring from across the room or leaving a gift at your feet, our furry companions have a lot to say. These five insights into their behaviour will help you understand our companion's unique love language.

1. When your cat purrs

Although this might seem obvious, cats are known to reserve their purring for the ones they adore. Cats show the same behaviour with their kittens. If you hear your cat purring this means you are considered family and they feel very comfortable around you. Therefore you'll be delighted to know that your furry companion has a lot of love for you.

2. Bringing you gifts

Is your cat bringing gifts into your home? You might see this as a bad habit. But it's important to remember why they've returned with it. It's because they feel safe in the haven you've made for them, and want to bring what they've found to the place they treasure most.

Do they also swipe and grab insects while they're out and about? That's also completely normal and one of the founding principles behind Lovebug. Cats love bugs. And they love interacting with them - which is why our nutritious kibble is packed with insect protein. The same protein that they play with outdoors.

3. Cat Nibbles

Mothers groom their kittens through subtle nibbling, licking, and gentle head-butts which also extends to us, humans. You can distract them with a toy if this is a problem, but always remember the origin of this behaviour. Love!

4. Kneading you and your clothes

There are many reasons your cat may choose to do this. You would assume it was to sharpen their claws. However, many cats do this as a form of cosying up to you. Once more, this comes from a similar form of affection given to their mother. Glands in their paws also activate meaning your cat will be trying to associate you with their scent. This of course is all to connect with you as much as possible and make you part of their pride. 

5. Snoozing on you

From an instinctual standpoint, your house cat never wants to feel vulnerable. Therefore when your cat chooses to sleep on top of you, making you their bed for the night they are showing you the highest form of trust. Use this as an excuse to snuggle up to your furry friend while they rest their little eyes.

Even though our cats can be super independent creatures they still find ways to let us know they love us. Now you've learned the top five feline love languages it will be much easier to spot the signs when your cat is feeling happy and at their best.